Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where does Sweet Bird & Co. make their products?

Sweet Bird & Co. designs all our products in IA & WI. We manufacture our products around the world as part of our global treasures initiative. Many of our reclaimed wood signs are finished in Iowa by Amish craftsmen.

Q. What type of wood does Sweet Bird & Co. use?

Sweet Bird & Co. sources our wood globally and from a huge variety of resources such as old factories, shipyards and rural buildings. We never know what we will find or what kind of wood we will use. All our signs come from reclaimed materials, so each product has unique characteristics. Each Sweet Bird & Co. product is a one-of-a-kind treasure!

Q. How much will my shipping cost?

Sweet Bird & Co. offers free shipping on all orders of $29.99 or more. Orders under $29.99 will have a shipping charge of $7.50.

Q. How quickly will Sweet Bird & Co. ship my order?

Sweet Bird & Co. strives to ship all orders within 2 - 3 business days. During peak shipping seasons, it may take slightly longer to ship orders based upon extraordinary volume.

Q. Will you backorder items that are out of stock?

Sweet Bird & Co. strives to always have our top products in stock at all times. If an item is backorderd we will contact, you to discuss options including possible selection of other in-stock items.

Q. Do you ship to consumers outside the US?

Currently, Sweet Bird & Co. only ships to consumers within the US.